Baybayin "Duha" strapback


"Duha” means 2 in Bisaya and Baybayin (incorrectly known Alibata) is the writing system used in the Philippines prior to Spanish colonization. Placing the ancient script is a perfect combination of the old and new representing cultural identity through style. The crocodile skin isn’t just for fashion but has a direct connection to indigenous Philippine belief systems and it’s not about the 21ft Buwaya that was found in the southern islands. Crocodile patterns have been used in textiles, swords and tattoos. Read more about it at Pera Daly’s website


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  • Grey polyester crown with a visor wrapped in faux grey crocodile skin

  • 3D BAYBAYIN text

  • Embroidered 17 base Baybayin characters

  • Snapback one size fits all (fits head size of 64cm)

  • Designed by Baybayin artist, Kristian Kabuay

  • Limited to only 100 pcs worldwide

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