Baybayin Workshop @ Downtown Oakland 3/26

$35.00 $50.00

This is for a pilot monthly Baybayin workshops. This initial session will be two parts: 1) "An Introduction to Baybayin" covering an overview of the script history to the modern context and 2) A hands-on activity with an in-depth overview of characters and techniques. 

While the topic will be geared towards beginners, those who already know how to write the basics will learn my systematic techniques on strokes, teaching and transliterating. 

At the end of the session, you'll learn about:

  • The basic history of the script
  • How the script is being used today
  • How to write the basic characters
  • A technique that allows you to quickly translate words

You'll get

  • A workbook
  • Paper
  • Calligraphy pen
  • Pencil


Oakstop @ 1721 Broadway #201, Oakland, CA 94612 2nd floor

Saturday 3/26, 10am-12pm

A block away from 19th st Bart
Park @ Douglas Parking 449 17th St, Oakland, CA 94612

$35 (regularly priced at $50)

*Limited to 10 students & minimum of 4 enrolled by 3/21 is required to have a class
*After payment is received, I'll send you additional details a week before the workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to know how to speak Tagalog or any Philippine languages? 
A: With my system, you don't need to know one word of a Philippine language to learn the script basics. 

Q: When should I arrive? 
A: Please be at the venue 10 mins before the start time. 

Q: What is a pilot?
A: A pilot is a way for me to test the format of the workshop in terms of time, content, etc.

Q: Will there be follow-up classes available for different levels? 
A: Yes - Not sure when 

Q: Do you offer private lessons? 
A: Yes - email

Q: Can I record the whole workshop? 
A: No

Q: Can I take pictures? 
A: Yes

Q: Will the workshop be made available online? 
A: No but I will be launching a comprehensive online school at

Q: How can I get notified on future dates?
A: Enter your email at or Text `preFilipino` to 25792

Q: Will there be one in SF? 
A: If I find a venue at the right prices and get the minimum number of reservations (5).

Q: Can you come to my city?
A: Maybe - Contact me at